Theatre in 2010

I can talk about politics and sports like everyone else can but theatre remains my passion. I am no luvvie and nor am I a ‘learned critic’ but I hope to share my joy, despair and my own personal theatrical adventures here.

As a Londoner, my theatre experiences are in the city although I am looking forward to widening my theatre visits elsewhere.  2010 has been a good year for the London theatre scene; the National’s revival of Hamlet, Black Watch at the Barbican and George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs Warren’s Profession at the Comedy Theatre stand out as three of the best productions I have seen in 2010.  Mike Bartlett’s new play – Earthquakes in London – was the boldest production (at the National) I have seen this year despite the jaded climate change theme.

I do hope that in 2011, we’ll see bolder, newer productions in London. There is still the air of tried and tested productions (with the exception of the National and the Barbican ) and while I fully support that theatres have to make money and be commercial, the more discerning of us need our senses re-awakened. My own theatre resolution in 2011: to see more of the London fringe theatre scene.


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  1. Shwetika says:


    Just a quick note to say that I will be following your blog and hope that you can direct me to a good show in the new year

    Many thanks

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